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A wiki for recording information on the Voynich Manuscript (VM) and other 'mysterious or obscure documents and texts' (much as Wilfrid Voynich was involved in the acquisition of old documents and books).

This wiki is concerned primarily with the historical aspects of the documents etc, institutions, and persons associated with such items: and a range of related topics of interest (forgeries, creators of languages and scripts etc) are also covered. The emphasis is on text-related items (books, texts and inscriptions) rather than 'strange objects' in general. Links to websites and wikis on topics covered by this wiki itself are, however, welcome - use Voynich Manuscript related websites or Useful websites and materials as appropriate. Links to wikis on similar, related or overlapping fields should be put on the latter page.

Lists, overview descriptives and other materials are also welcome - the general intent is to be reasonably inclusive.

For more detailed discussions about the Voynich manuscript and its text go to the Voynich Language wiki at [1]. There is also another Voynich related wiki at [2].

Links (and brief details) to relevant websites can be added to Voynich Manuscript related websites.

If posting a translation of the VM - please give more than 'a selection of words', explain why encryption would be needed and how the document got to the Villa Mondragone.

See also List of things to be done and Conventions in this wiki

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