A sometime USN Captain, who worked with William F Friedman. Between 1948 and 1950 he was Director of Investigations in the "Naval Security Group" [1].

Made a presentation at the 1972 symposium organised by Mary D'Imperio. In 1976 he gave a paper in which he showed that the Voynich Manuscript must have been written by at least two different people.

His papers, on a Voynich Manuscript can be found here [2]

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In February 1941, Captain Abe Sinkov and Lieutenant Leo Rosen of the US Army, and US naval Lieutenants Robert Weeks and Prescott Currier, arrived at Bletchley Park bringing, amongst other things, a replica of the 'Purple' cipher machine for the Bletchley Park's Japanese section in Hut 7.

The Currier papers can be found here [6].