Born 1894, died 31 August 1982: medical researcher, Wikipedia page, with several links to his letters and papers, is at [1].

In 1947 he published a translation of two pages of the Voynich Manuscript in which he claimed that the author was Anthony Askham (who, in fact lived about a century after the VM has since been proved to have been created).

Some letters of his can be found at [2] and papers at [3]

Biographies can be found here [4] and here [5].

From the Wikipedia page on the VM [6]. Leonell C Strong a cancer research scientist and amateur cryptographer, believed that the solution to the Voynich manuscript was a "peculiar double system of arithmetical progressions of a multiple alphabet". Strong claimed that the plaintext revealed the Voynich manuscript to be written by the 16th-century English author Anthony Ascham, whose works include 'A Little Herbal', published in 1550. Although the Voynich manuscript does contain sections resembling 'A Little Herbal', the main argument against this theory is that it is unknown where Ascham would have obtained such literary and cryptographic knowledge.

In 1978 he received the William B Coley Award [7].